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RSD / CRPS Educational Videos

Use of Opioids (Narcotics) to Treat
RSD / CRPS in Children & Adults
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RSD / CRPS in Children
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Emotional Consequences of RSD
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How You Can Help
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Pain Procedure Videos

Sympathetic Blocks: An Overview

Lumbar Sympathetic Block

Stellate Ganglia Block

Nerve Stimulators: Device Selection

Needle Bowing Technique

Sympathetic Nerve Blocks in Children -- NEW

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Ketamine Trials

Low-Dose Ketamine Booster

High-Dose Ketamine Coma
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- Spanish
- Japanese

Interview with Elizabeth Jones after High-Dose Ketamine Coma

CNN Report on Ketamine Coma

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Some of these treatments, such as conscious sedation with ketamine IV infusions, are critical and not readily available elsewhere in the USA.   Patients who fail to receive this treatment are likely to suffer an acute exacerbation of unbearable pain due to RSD / CRPS.


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The RSD / CRPS Treatment Center and Research Institute is a licensed Ambulatory Surgical Center that is approved by the Florida Board of Medicine for Level II surgery.

The facility is regulated pursuant to the rules of the Board of Medicine as set forth in Rule Chapter 64B8, F.A.C.


Recent Articles

How to Determine the Effectiveness of Treatments for RSD / CRPS
Dr. Anthony F. Kirkpatrick, Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee.

Ketamine Coma Procedure
Efficacy of Ketamine in Anesthetic Dosage for the Treatment of Refractory Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: An Open-Label Phase II Study.

Medical Synopsis Prepared for Ketamine Coma Procedure
Research subjects discuss the risks and benefits of the ketamine coma procedure. This information is presented for patients who may be contemplating the procedure.